Saturday, 28 September 2013

WTCC China Update...

A quick update on the World Touring Car Championship with some news being revealed this week.

Firstly, Volvo have announced that they will be making a one off return to the WTCC in China. The Polestar team will run the same C30 that took was driven in the 2011 season by Robert Dahlgren.

This time out it will be driven by recently crowned 2013 Scandinavian Touring Car Champion Thed Bjork. Whilst the car will run with an extra 40kgs as per the rules, Bjork's talent is the best, having won multiple Swedish and Scandinavian Touring Car titles.

The aim of this one off return? Well Volvo have confirmed they still see the WTCC as a viable option and this could be a possible precursor to an entry in 2015 when the new regs will have been in effect for a year. Lets see how that goes.

Secondly, Bamboo Engineering have confirmed this week that they have purchased two 2014 RML Chevrolet Cruze's. With Bamboo being the customer Chevrolet team since they entered the WTCC, this comes as no surprise.

What will be interesting is the driver choice. James Nash and Alex MacDowall are both capable of winning this years Yokohama Trophy for Independents and both have been very competitive overall in this seasons races. Tom Chilton has also has made it clear he wants to remain with RML in some capacity and brings Aon Sponsorship so who knows?

What has been mentioned is there could be up to six 2014 Cruze's available so after the season finale at Macau, its going to be a very interesting off season.

Anyway, its a long way to 3rd November when the series races on the Shanghai Circuit, so lets see what else is announced by then...



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