Saturday, 15 June 2013

RallycrossRX... My new Motorsport thing for 2013...

As you all know, I watch a small amount of motorsport...

Ok, lets try that one again with a bit of honesty...

As you all know I watch a lot of motorsport. To give you an idea, this is what I watch and where...

I watch Formula One on the Sky Sports F1 HD channel, purely because Martin Brundle is on there. I consider that man a God in the world of F1 as he is able to translate the technobable of the technology in Formula One and he is open & honest in questioning the decisions made by Teams, Drivers and those who run the show.

I used to watch it on the BBC as I have blogged before but I have felt that they have lost their focus on F1 in recent years and this saddens me.

Thats a personal thought of mine and my apologies to anyone who disagrees.

On ITV4 HD, I watch the British Touring Car Championship and the Highlights of the DTM. I watch British Eurosport for coverage of the World Touring Car Championship and of the Le Mans 24 Hours.

On MotorsTV, I watch coverage of the International V8 Supercars Series love every minute of it.

I also check the internet daily for any motorsport news. I use,, and

So, as you can see... I keep an eye on things...a little...

Anyway, each year I decide to expand my motorsport experience by watching a new series/championship and see what spectacles I'm missing.

This year, I decided to follow the amazing spectacle known as the FIA European Rallycross Championship or known by its official nickname, RallycrossRX.

And bugger me, I've found a corker!!!

Now my reason for following this sport is two fold. First of all, during the off season in the winter, 2003 WRC Champion Petter Solberg announced that he was embarking on a new motorsport for 2013.

Now I admit, I was one of the many fans hoping that he would turn his hand the WTCC as was rumoured on the internet. The idea of such a talent coming to the WTCC was mouthwatering but as it turned out he announced he would be taking part in RallycrossRX...

At this stage I did a bit of investigating and realised that this year the series went through somewhat of a revamp to re-invigorate its profile as a high level european FIA championship.

So I decided to give this a go. My somewhat knackered memory recalled a stage in my childhood where I watched Rallycross on the BBC, commentated on by the legend we know as Murray Walker.

My decision was also helped by the informative guide produced in Autosport and seeing that there were british drivers taking part in the forms of Andy Scott and Liam Doran, son of Rallycross legend Pat Doran.

What also sealed the deal was the fact that British Eurosport were showing a 1 hour highlights programme a week after the event. So my decision was made to cheer on the brits and Petter Solberg in this series. I knew nothing about the rules or how the event worked apart from the fact that in the Supercar class, the cars have engines of over 500bhp, are all 4 wheel drive and FIA Homologated.

I have to say, I've enjoyed the series so far. I know there is a heat system to get through to the semi finals.

Each heat is 4 laps long with each driver having to take a "Joker" lap during the race they take part in. This way everyone has a longer lap to factor in during the race and the timing of this can often decide if a driver wins or loses a heat race

The route to the Semi-Finals is based on the driver with the fastest heat time scoring the least amount of points and the next slower competitors scoring more points as you go down the order.

In the Semi Finals, the 12 fastest drivers are split into 2 groups of 6 with odd numbered drivers in one Semi Final and even numbered drivers in the other. To get to the the Supercar Final, the top 3 drivers in each Semi Final progress through, leaving the top 6 to fight it out for overall points and the event win.

Add to this the short races and frantic exciting panel bashing and throw in the concrete/gravel mix of racing and RallycrossRX makes for a great alternative to what many will call "boring" circuit racing.

Well, its got me hooked anyway...

Anyway enjoy your weekend!



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