Sunday, 10 November 2013

WTCC: Anything Can happen at Macau...

Theres a saying in Motorsport...

"Anything can happen at Macau..."

The Macau Grand Prix celebrates its 60th Anniversary this year by having two weekends of top level Tintop, Single Seater and Superbike racing.

Every year for as long as I have been on this earth (hint: since 1977) and before there has been an End of season event at Macau where motorsports best comes and attempts to win the race in the catergory they participate in.

Its known to be the jewel in the crown for aspiring Formula One drivers that take part in the Macau Formula 3 Grand Prix.

Its known to be the best of the best for the road and circuit racing Superbikers that try and tame the street circuit.

Its also known as the season finale for the FIA World Touring Car Championship since 2005.

But what makes makes Macau so special?

Well its a Street Circuit. Straight away you think of other street circuits such as Monaco, Porto, Marrakech and Pau which all have their own unique attributes. The level of concentration to thread the racing line in Practice, Qualifying and the Race during the weekend is increased tenfold, whilst safety is at its highest it can be.

But while Monaco is tight and twisty, Pau is slow and challenging, Macau is odd in that it has a long fast section of straights where the WTCC Cars will reach 150 mph and it has fast tight and twisty sections that follow, daring the drivers to go as fast as they can, getting as close to the barrier or wall as much as they dare. Its got the slowest, tightest hairpin in the world and its following is legendary and iconic.

Its also an impressive mark on any motor racing drivers CV to have taken a win at Macau...

For those that win on the streets of Macau in tintops, it ticks a box that shows that driver has the talent to win WTCC Titles, knowing how to push his touring car to the edge, often leading to a talent recognised as being one of the best Touring Car drivers in the World, along with such names as Muller, Winkelhock, Soper, Biela, Menu, Harvey and Huff.

For those that win on the streets of Macau in the Formula 3 Grand Prix, it ticks a box that is often a precursor to a future Formula One seat again joining an elite of recognised talent. Such great names that have won the Formula 3 GP as Ayrton Senna, Rickard Rydell, Michael Schumacher, David Brabham, Ralf Schumacher and David Coulthard.

In WTCC terms, Macau has often been the scene of Championship finales that include huge crashes and awesome, heroic drives. Andy Priaulx won all three of his WTCC Titles at Macau, Yvan Muller lost the 2009 title to then SEAT team mate Gabriele Tarquini due to mechanical failure. Rob Huff won both races in 2011 but despite that, Muller won the 2011 title.

In 2013, Yvan Muller has already won the FIA WTCC Drivers title. However there is the fight for 2nd place in the final standings between RML's Tom Chilton, Castrol Honda's Gabriele Tarquini and Bamboo Chevrolet's James Nash.

The Yokohama Trophy for Independent Drivers Title is also up for grabs between Bamboo Chevrolet team-mates James Nash from Milton Keynes and Alex MacDowall from Carlisle.

Expect fast close racing, safety cars, huge crashes and edge of your seat racing...

So, now you can understand why they say that "Anything can happen in Macau..."

If you fancy a spot of decent racing before the Austin Grand Prix, check out Eurosport and Motors TV if you have it and set your TV Box to record.



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