Friday, 29 November 2013

WTCC: A Little Clarification on the WTCC 2014 Classes...

So for the past few seasons, trying to determine the different types of Super 2000 Regulation Touring Cars competing in the FIA World Touring Car Championship has been difficult at best...

God knows the missus gets confused herself just trying to figure them out...

And to her they are just "cars going round and round and round..."

So the different class classifications have been made easier for 2014. Each type of Super 2000 Touring Car Catergory will be split into the following:

"TC1" or Touring Car 1 will be cars built specifically to the new 2014 regulations. So thats the Lada's, Citroens, Honda's and RML built Chevys.

"TC2" or Touring Car 2 will be Super 2000 cars built between 2011 and 2013 that use the 1.6 Litre Turbo engines. This includes the BMW 320TC, Honda Civic WTCC, SEAT Leon WTCC, LADA Granta Sport, Volvo C30, Ford Focus and Chevrolet Cruze that we all know and love. These cars will operate in the 2014 WTCC but will be slower than the TC1 cars.

"TC3" or Touring Car 3 will be Super 2000 cars that use the 2.0 Litre Normally Aspirated Engine that dates back to the beginning of the WTCC in 2005. These cars normally compete in the Eurosport Asia Trophy. These would be the BMW 320si, SEAT Leon, Chevrolet Lacetti/Cruze, Alfa Romeo 156 and Honda Accord Euro R. They will also look the same as the TC2 cars so hopefully there will be some form of graphic to determine what car is what Class.

To add to this, its looking highly likely that both the TC2 Class and TC3 Class will be eligible to compete together in the FIA European Touring Car Cup.

Its been too long and very difficult to differentiate these cars up until now and hopefully these new classes will help to clear this up.



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