Sunday, 21 April 2013

Blog update...

Good Morning to all.

On this lovely sunny Sunday, I am looking forward to the Bahrain Grand Prix and the 3 BTCC races from Donington Park.

However this post is a thank you to my wonderful and clever partner Nik. She has kindly looked into updating the blog with some tintop related pictures to liven it up a bit.

I am a very lucky person in the fact that she enjoys WTCC and BTCC racing and also F1. However I am even luckier that she tolerates the amount of motor racing I watch and that she tries enjoy the new forms of motorsport I watch and she isnt afraid to ask questions.

Recently I have begun watching V8 Supercars from Australia with more intent than before and I am taking an interest in RallycrossRX aka the FIA European Rallycross Championship along with my stepson Aaron.

I will add blogs later in the year as I learn more.

I have added a picture of Craig Lowndes in his Red Bull Racing Australia Holden Commodore from V8 Supercars and a picture of Liam Doran in his Monster Citroen DS3 from RallycrossRX.

Anyway enjoy your day and the motorsport thats on TV if your watching it.



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  1. Thank you for your kind words. You put up with me watching The Voice, BGT, X-Factor and all other 'girlie' programmes so fairs fair with your motorsport viewing. Besides, when I watch F1, BTCC and WTCC I get to shout at inappropriate moments with the wrong name, wrong team etc and you are there to pick me up and set me straight LOL